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What is Total War: PHARAOH?

Total War: PHARAOH is the newest entry in the award-winning grand strategy series from the developers at Creative Assembly. Experience ancient Egypt during the vibrant and tumultuous era of the Bronze Age Collapse and master dynamic real-time battles and turn-based empire management to rise above your adversaries and become Egypt’s last great PHARAOH.


When will Total War: PHARAOH be released?

Total War: PHARAOH is out now on Steam! 

What is Total War: PHARAOH - DYNASTIES?


Total War: PHARAOH - DYNASTIES is a free addition for all Total War: PHARAOH owners that vastly expands the game by adding the Aegean and Mesopotamian regions to the campaign map alongside new major factions including Troy and Babylon, new minor factions, new and reworked units, new battle mechanics and more.

DYNASTIES includes:

  • 4 new major factions
  • 25 new minor factions
  • 150+ new and reworked units including cavalry
  • 168 new settlements Expanded Campaign map (1.8x bigger)
  • New battle mechanics e.g. Lethality
  • New DYNASTIES family tree system
  • Fixes for Legacy bugs

Are the Total War: PHARAOH and DYNASTIES games connected?

  • No - If you own Total War: PHARAOH then you get a copy of Total War: PHARAOH - DYNASTIES as a free, separate edition of the game
  • Save files will not carry over between PHARAOH and DYNASTIES and there is no cross progression:
  • Steam achievements for DYNASTIES will be reset; your Steam achievements for the original Total War: PHARAOH game will not be affected
  • Users will require a new Assembly Kit for DYNASTIES to use mods 

How do I get Total War: PHARAOH - DYNASTIES?

  • DYNASTIES will be automatically added to your Steam library as a separate app if you own Total War: PHARAOH
  • The app is downloaded separately and will require 80gb of disk space
  • It does not require Total War: PHARAOH to be installed to play
  • It cannot be purchased separately from the original Total War: PHARAOH game
  • You can pre-load the update from July 23rd // 18:00 BST
  • DYNASTIES will release and be playable, on July 25th // 15:00 BST

How do I Launch DYNASTIES?

  • Select Total War: PHARAOH - DYNASTIES in your Steam library
  • Open the Total War launcher and select the DYNASTIES application
  • Launch it from there and begin your conquest
  • You can also navigate to DYNASTIES within Total War: PHARAOH by clicking the ‘Switch Edition’ button on the main menu and returning to the launcher to launch Dynasties from there

How will mods work with Dynasties?

  • A new version of the Assembly Kit is required to create mods for DYNASTIES
  • Legacy mods for Total War: PHARAOH will have to be updated via the new kit and re-uploaded to the DYNASTIES Steam workshop page to function
  • Download and install mods through the DYNASTIES Steam Workshop HERE

I have purchased the Blood & Sand DLC, will this work with DYNASTIES?

  • Yes - the Blood & Sand DLC will work with DYNASTIES, and you do not need to purchase it again.

Is there any more content coming to PHARAOH in the future?

  • Some of you have asked if we’re doing anything else for PHARAOH after DYNASTIES and while the team will remain committed to patching and fixing the game as needed, this will be the last planned content for PHARAOH, which is why we’re going all out with DYNASTIES! We are super proud of what the team has made as a love letter to everyone who stuck with us, and we are hopeful that when you have DYNASTIES in your hands, it will feel like the fully fledged and complete Bronze Age Total War experience we envisioned back at the beginning. Thank you for your feedback and passion with PHARAOH, which has helped us make it the best experience we could hope for.

Will the DYNASTIES update launch on macOS?

  • Yes – Total War: PHARAOH - DYNASTIES will launch on macOS and our partners at Feral Interactive are working to launch shortly after the PC version.

What is the High Tide update?

The High Tide update is a free update to all current and future PHARAOH owners! Dark sails on the horizon tell of the coming storm. Drive the Bronze Age Collapse by playing as one of two new factions from the Sea Peoples culture. The ruthless Sherden strive only to destroy and sacrifice while the Peleset are on the warpath to establish a new homeland. Dominating the battlefield using the new horde style of gameplay, here is an overview of what to expect with this free update:

New faction: Sherden

Raze your way to glory and fortune! It takes but a lit torch and a determined man to tip the scales of the Bronze Age Collapse towards certain destruction, and Iolaos is that man. Strike fear into Ancient Empires and Sea Peoples alike as you burn, plunder and threaten your way across windswept dunes and lush grasslands. Bring your enemies to their knees, grow your horde and herald the final collapse. 

New faction: Peleset

Led by their hulking patriarch Walwetes, the Peleset embrace a different approach to conquest. They’ve come ashore to Canaan searching for a new home and are willing to stand against Egypt to carve a kingdom for themselves. Use your dismountable Oxen Carts infantry chariots to outflank your enemies and lay devastation upon anyone who would dare oppose you. Your drive to find a new land for your people spells doom for anyone that stands in your path. Forge a new home in the furnace of the Bronze Age collapse!

37 new units, including Dismountable Chariot Units!

Dominate the battlefield with 37 new units. Hold the line with Nuraghe Warriors, specialist Sherden infantry that can form a Kelone (a turtle-like formation using shields) to protect themselves from missile fire. Flank your enemies with Oxen Carts: dismountable chariot units that deliver Peleset shock troops into the heart of battle. Set the field of battle on fire with Sherden Bowmen, archers capable of firing sulphur tipped arrows that ignite the ground beneath their enemies’ feet. Spear your foes with Nuraghe Harpooneers – elite Sherden ranged infantry units armed with savage harpoons that can kill instantly, which is also capable of holding their own in melee combat.

New ‘Forge your own path’ royal tradition with 2 new mechanics (Paths)

  • The new “Forge your own path” tradition is a choice available to all factions in the game. 
  • The Path of the Marauder is open to all factions who’ve selected the Forge Your Own Path tradition – win battles, earn Eminence, grow your might, spread unheard-of destruction!  
  • The Path of the Sea Peoples allows that culture to manage the balance between their Hordes, Armies, Settlements and Tribal Outposts to tailor their bonuses to their playstyle.

War spoils

  • Horde mechanic for the Sea Peoples factions. Raze settlements to fuel your conquest!

Thrive in Chaos

  • The Pillars of Civilization mechanic will be updated so that Sea Peoples benefit from the Crisis and Collapse stages.

Native Pantheon

  • Sea peoples can access 5 new deities anywhere on the map in addition to the realm-specific pantheons of Local Deities.

Use the new Warriors’ Refuge outpost to recruit random units including native units and otherwise non-playable Sea Peoples units.  

New Royal Decrees, faction traits, titles, and ancillaries.


What playable factions are available?

The base game will contain ten playable factions from four diverse cultures. Eight are currently already playable, and two more will be added for free in January 2024. 

  • Egyptian: Ramesses, Seti, Tausret, Amenmesse
  • Canaanite: Bay, Irsu
  • Hittite: Kurunta, Suppiluliuma
  • Sea Peoples: Iolaos (Sherden faction), Walwetes (Peleset faction) – available as part of the High Tide free update launching January 25th, 2024.

Where can I play Total War: PHARAOH and how much does it cost?

Total War: PHARAOH is available for PC and Mac on Steam and costs: £29.99 /$39.99 / €39.99.

Where can I play Total War: PHARAOH and how much does it cost?

We want to make Total War: PHARAOH as engaging as possible and have already delivered the High Tide free update and the Blood & Sand DLC so far. In addition, we’ve always had since the early stages of development on Total War: PHARAOH is to expand the size of our campaign map as a free update, and to introduce even more factions and cultures to the game.  

Alongside that, we aim to add new features to the game that we know some players have been asking for, and others that we think will make the Total War: PHARAOH experience even better, such as: Mortality & Succession for faction leaders, New mechanics alongside the new cultures and territories (Royal Traditions, Legacies, Court), improvement to battles and unit variety, and more.  

We greatly appreciate the input of the community and plan to reach out to you more often in the process of development, to listen, consult on decisions and draw inspiration trusting that this collaboration will result ultimately in the game we want to make and play.  


What are the system specs for Total War: PHARAOH?


  • OS: Windows 10 64-Bit  
  • Processor: Intel i3-2100 / AMD FX-4300  
  • Memory: 6GB  
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / AMD R9 270  
  • DirectX: Version 11  
  • Storage: 50GB available space 


  • OS: Windows 10 64-Bit  
  • Processor: Intel i5-6600/Ryzen 5 2600X  
  • Memory: 8GB  
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti / AMD RX 480  
  • DirectX: Version 11  
  • Storage: 50GB available space

What languages is Total War: PHARAOH available in?

  • Text and subtitles are available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified & Traditional Chinese. 
  • Full audio is available in English, German and Mandarin. 
  • Partial audio is available in French, Italian, Spanish and Polish. This is for the advisor only. 

Does the game have multiplayer support?

Total War: PHARAOH offers two-player co-op and head-to-head mode.


What is the Assembly Kit for Total War: PHARAOH?

The Assembly Kit is a toolkit which enables users to modify and generate new experiences within the game, including crafting new characters, factions, battle maps, and more.


What does the Assembly Kit contain?

The Assembly Kit includes:

  • The Database Visual Editor, more commonly known as ‘Dave’.  
  • A resource exporter named ‘Build in one button’, more commonly known as ‘BOB’.  
  • A battle map Editor, named ‘Terry’ + battle map templates – one battle map of each type with the logic set up. 
  • A tool for creating and editing unit variants, plainly named ‘Variant Editor’.  
  • Export plugin for 3DS MAX.  
  • Export plugin for Autodesk Maya. 

In addition, the Assembly Kit manual, several pieces of documentation for advanced users of the ‘Terry’ tool, and the entire script codebase is available for modders too.


How do I download and install the Assembly Kit?

To download it from Steam, simply navigate to your [Library] > [Tools] and download ‘Total War: PHARAOH – Assembly Kit’. 


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6 days ago
Jul 9, 2024, 2:48:23 PM

Looking forward to play this massive update for Pharaoh but cavalry should not be part of this game.

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6 days ago
Jul 9, 2024, 4:35:48 PM
Thank you for this huge job, it is much appreciated, I love the Bronze Age and breathing the dust of those places while playing is just great
I have a question. Will there be an option to separate the general from his troop as a single entity? Or will this option not be added in order to leave the game as historical as possible?
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6 days ago
Jul 9, 2024, 4:43:25 PM

I wish we get an early iron age campaign dlc after this this time adding ancient persia & armenia to the game

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6 days ago
Jul 9, 2024, 6:00:42 PM

gracias al estudio por su dedicacion y todas las mejoras al juego se agradece mucho, lo volveria a comprar, es un excelente juego

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6 days ago
Jul 9, 2024, 6:04:19 PM

Rjpraditz#3424 escribió:

Desearía que tuviéramos un DLC de campaña de la Edad de Hierro temprana después de esto, esta vez agregando la antigua Persia y Armenia al juego.

estaria genial una transicion del bronce al hierro, tambien incluyendo a mas facciones y nuevas unidades, incluso campañas hacia mas al pasado a la gloria de babilonia, el perido de los hicsos en egipto, incluso mas atras en la unificacion de egipto, o hacer batallas historicas predeterminadas, de nuevo muchas gracias CA.

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6 days ago
Jul 9, 2024, 10:04:24 PM
Sad to see the active development period has closed for TW: Pharaoh, but man this is some way to go out!  

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6 days ago
Jul 10, 2024, 12:14:59 AM

Does it mean we can uninstall the original Pharaoh and we can still play the Dynasty to save system space?

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5 days ago
Jul 10, 2024, 12:52:13 PM

Global achievement stats 68 of 76 (89%) achievements earned.

You should get some reward for people that go after achievments.

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5 days ago
Jul 10, 2024, 12:56:25 PM

iliaspapa#3699 wrote:
do we need total war troy for the newbigger map ?

No, they confirmed you wouldn't need Troy - It's all Pharaoh content (albeit ported from Troy but adapted to fit the historical theming)

Jam#4399 wrote:
Does it mean we can uninstall the original Pharaoh and we can still play the Dynasty to save system space?

It appears that is the case, yes. I've already uninstalled Pharaoh in anticipation of the new programme.

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